Our Story

REAL Podcasting is a company built by passionate storytellers who have gone through they bumps and scrapes of building podcasts from the ground up. We want to take that experience and help others grow and prosper in their audio ambitions, whether it’s for your business, your personal brand, or your passion project.

The company was founded in 2017 by Riley Evans, who was then the Editor-In-Chief of TheOcho.ca and producer of The Ocho Podcast Network. Riley had been working in podcasting and live-to-air radio since 2013, and he wanted to use his experience and expertise to help people get a leg up when trying to break into the podcasting sphere. Having no idea how to actually run a business, he quickly recruited a team around him, and so the operation began to take form. 

At REAL Podcasting, we’ve been through the full podcasting process a number of times. Whether you’re a professional trying to establish your brand within your field, or a hobbyist with a handful of words on their heart, we take a wholistic approach in working with out creators to make sure that the final product is something we can all be proud of.