If you’re in Ottawa, we’re happy to come to your home or workplace to set you up on our broadcast quality equipment. If not, no problem! We’ll put together an online package with all the best equipment for your budget, walk you through the recording process, and take care of all your post-production and distribution needs.

We offer all of the following services:
-Initial consultations.
-Organizing production meetings (planning the show out).
-Writing and content scripting.                                                                                                                
-Recording assistance/equipment recommendations.
-Co-hosting services.
-Basic post production (basic editing, one EQ option).
-Comprehensive post production (extensive editing, multiple EQ options, intro music and/or bumpers).
– Handling your distribution, so that the whole world can hear your story from Day One.
-Brand building, graphic design and social media management.
-Connecting you with businesses to help monetize your content.

We also offer help with voiceover and voice acting recordings.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you get your story to a world of people that are waiting to hear it.